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Cosplay at NCC2019

Geek716 is setting up at Nickel City Con 2019 this year! This is our official launch! We are looking to highlight ‘Geek’ in the 716 area! Events, businesses, products, you name it.

Rachel Glover ( Awesome Cosplayer đŸ™‚ ) is spending the day with us on Saturday, May 18th at booth #525. Please make sure you stop by to say hi and get some pictures! We will have some free swag to give out, some awesome ‘716’ T-Shirts, cool Geek716/WatchtowerGeek coffee mugs and more!
Also, if you want to register an ‘event’ coming up for WNY, you can do it at our booth and we will advertise it, for free! If you want us to do a story on your Geek related business, product or event, you can sign up to have us do that too! Can’t wait to see you!

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